Monday, February 22, 2016

Belluno, Brunei

Thanks to God sis and her mum for bringing me to Belluno and treating me to lunch.

Chamomile tea. I like the look of the teapot.

Salted caramel shake it~

Fancy a cup of coffee?

Apple crumble that have been attacked before I remembered to snap a picture. Hehee....but this is good, I really like the crumbly texture of the crust and the apple.

Caesar Salad

I don't think any appetizer can get better than this......Fried mozzarella! <3

New York Bagel~

I like this too because it has all of the things that I like in a single dish~!!!

Lolly's chicken waffle~!!!

First time trying fried chicken with waffles and I enjoyed it.....omg, waffles drenched in syrup, together with the crispy chicken skin......SOO GOOD!!!! 

First time trying mochi wrapped ice-cream~ 

Tried to selfies with the 2 cute little babies....but failed badly as babies don't seem too interested in the camera! hahaha.....

Sooo cute~ can't get enough of their chubby cheeks~

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