Monday, February 1, 2016

Interesting interpretation experience

This is probably going to be my most interesting interpretation experience.

It all started Jan 2015, which exposed me to learning new terms about the stage.

That soon led to another opportunity in Feb 2015. Learned more terms that are used for stage set ups and live shows. At the same time, I also made friends with many people whom I wouldn't have met if not for the job.

Then there's the unexpected gifts! Such as this cup noodle by my room mate and colleague.

Strawberries cupcake for helping of the guys one night.

Interesting steamboat sessions in the hotel room. This was a first for me! hahaha....thanks to those who bought and prepared everything!

I had so many late night supper sessions during my time working with everyone~!

Then came the last day of work where I had to sent everyone off at the airport. Here are the groups pictures that we took!

Really thankful for the experience and am truly glad to have met everyone!

Later in Nov 2015, I got the opportunity to work with the same group of people again for shootings. 

This was then followed by a work trip to both Singapore and Brunei in Dec 2015.

In Jan 2016, we visited Brunei again for another work trip which ended successfully.

Looking back at my interpretation experience with this group, it has been a great one. And it is sad to think that I might have worked my last work trip with the group. However, I hope that this will not be the end of the relationships that I have made through this job. At the same time, I hope that somehow I can still work with them again in the future. May the job opportunities come during my breaks as I really enjoyed all my work trips. :P

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