Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PM's wedding

I just realised that I've never posted about PM's wedding last year. I'm slightly more than a year late but better than never....

Here are some pictures from that morning. These are all PM's girlfriends from school and uni.

All of us in matching bridesmaid dresses that PM bought. Love the colour!

Here's one of us girls and the beautiful bride!

It was my first experience as a bridesmaid and it was fun~

Usually when the groom comes to pick up the bride, the groom and his heng dais would have to pass through several rounds of games before they're allowed into the house. The games usually involve them having to do some difficult task or eat something disgusting.

So here is the handsome groom entering the house after earning his right!

A group picture of all the bridesmaid and groomsmen with the lovely couple!

And off they go to the groom's house~

The wedding dinner was on the same night~

Helping out with the reception~

Cheers to the newly weds!

It was nice to be able to meet up with Aunty and Suki again as we used to dance together and Aunty sort of saw PM and YS get together too. :D

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