Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trip to Genting with the girls

I can't believe that this was back in 2011. Probably the one and only time that the girls and I went on an overnight trip together.

We went to over to Jas place and left our cars there. We then took a bus up to Genting. I think we purchased some sort of a bus + buffet or theme park ticket. We chose the theme park instead of the buffet. 

Us queuing up for rides

I think it was raining and our trip to the theme park was cut short.
Chilling at starbucks~

Our ticket bands

So we went for an early dinner, followed by glow in the dark bowling

The next morning, we woke up early....bought breakfast from the bakery and went for a morning walk.


Our sampat-ness~

After that we went for a game of archery, followed by karaoke!

After that, we took a bus back and went for Thai food at my elephant.

It has been years and we've always talked about going on another trip together but we just never got around to do it. Really hope that we will get to do it again~

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