Thursday, February 4, 2016

Year end dinner for the PGSC

This was also a super duper late post for an event back in 2014. 

This was for the year end dinner organised by the PGSC. 

Throughout my entire school life, I've never joined any student councils and there I was.....doing my post-graduate degree and joining the student council!

I did not regret joining though as it brought my new experiences and I got to meet and work with people from other fields which I usually wouldn't even talk to!

Here's a group pic of us in one of the discussion rooms in the post-grad room with all the lucky draw gifts before we brought them down to the restaurant.

Here's one of me with the best President ever. She was easy to work with, efficient, friendly and really nice. I'm really glad to have the opportunity to have worked with her! She treats all her committees well and care for them~

Here's the one whom I work closely with in the committee, especially for the year end dinner. We spend hours shopping, planning games and wrapping up the gifts together! It was great to work with C too as she is really easy to work with!

A pic with JM who according to her.....I am her shit picker in the lab. But truly, it was amazing to see how she has grown in the lab from a person who was super scared of the little ones to someone who is now super pro at handling them.

With the pretty ladies in my lab~

I am going to miss all the gossiping and complaining about our lab work together time~

And finally, one of the entire committee with the music club who provided us with fabulous sets of live music!

Now that I think back, I really enjoyed my time in the committee and I highly encourage students to join their local councils too. This will enable them to gain more experiences in working with other people, organising and planning events, attending meetings and thinking of ways to solve problems to make things better for other students.

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