Saturday, March 19, 2016


It felt as if I have waited for the longest time for my COE to be processed. I remembered feeling very worried on whether it would get processed in time or not. This was because I have signed a work contract and on my contract was the date that I'm supposed to start work. As the date gets closer and closer, I become more and more anxious. But at the same time, I told myself that as it was something that I could not control, I just need to learn how to not worry too much about it and focus on the things I need to get done back home.

My COE application was submitted on 22nd Dec and approved on 4th Feb. Since they had to deliver the original COE to me, I only managed to get me hands on it on 18th Feb.

When I got it, it was like....FINALLY!!! YES~!!!

I can now finally have a clear plan of when to visit the Japan Embassy in my country to apply for my visa, when to fly to Japan, when to set up appointments with my real estate agent to view some apartments and an actual date to tell my friends and relatives on when I'll actually be leaving. Otherwise, it's just like, "Yea, I guess I'll be flying at the end of Feb.....but I don't really know when yet. I'm still waiting for some documents for visa application."

Truth to be told, I was initially worried about when I'll be getting my COE because when I googled online, some people were saying that it takes a really long time....probably 3 months or more even. But, really, I'm thankful that mine got processed in slightly more than a month.

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