Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First day in Tokyo

First day in Tokyo and it was snowing. 

Right before we land, the pilot announced that out was 0 degrees and that there was koyuki outside. I was thinking you've got to be kidding me! Snow on the day that I arrive. Not that I hate the sight of snow, having no experience with snow....but I just don't like the coldness. It didn't help that the guy who was supposed to pick me up was no where to be seen and I'm standing out on the cold  pushing around my huge luggages. After about 15 mins, I couldn't take it anymore and just walked back into the airport to email the school and wait in the slightly warmer inside. 

Arrived at school with plenty of time to spare at 9.15am. I'm not allowed to enter my apartment before 3pm hence I decided to walk around the area of funabori eki to get myself familiar with it. The thing about Japan is that despite being a country with very advanced technologies, it's very difficult to get wifi!

No wifi, no map, no means of communication!

The only saviour is that I manage to get wifi at convenient stores such as 711 or Lawson or Family mart and family mart. But the thing is, I can't just stand in the convenient store for a long time without buying anything right? Hence, not very useful. Usually I just stand outside to use wifi for a minute or two before making a move.  I seriously need go get my own plan soon. In today's world, one cannot survive without the Internet! 

So in hopes to get wifi during lunch, I headed to MOS and nope no wifi. But that's ok, at least I had an amazing ebi (shrimp) burger! if I couldn't get enough burger when I just had one filet-o-fish at Mcd in KLIA after checking in my luggages. After that, I headed back to the school to rest and then headed to the part of the school where I'll be teaching. After meeting with the principal, I finally got to move into my temp apartment!

Unfortunately for me, the apartment wasn't as clean as I had hoped it would be, but at least it was properly furnished. While it did come with a router, it didn't come with a lan cable for the connection to the laptop so that means no internet for me too.

Then it hit me....the homesick feeling! 

Told myself to suck it up and grow up because it is something that many people go through, it was your own decision, you just gotta learn to make everything work by yourself and don't expect anything from anyone!

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