Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Just like back in the days

Met up with the girls last month for dinner and a discussion session for Jas' assignment.

Dinner was at Fong Lye.

I wasn't feeling well and on the verge of fainting. Unfortunately, when asked for a glass of warm water, the waiter told us that they don't provide hot/cold water, just mineral water. So I thought ok....it can't be helped since they don't serve warm water.

But Jas very nicely sneaked out to Coffee Bean and got me a cup of hot green tea! My life saver!!! *sniff* which led to the notion that I must find a bf like Jas. Lol....

We always order this sweet potato balls every time we're here. 

Jas' steamed fish dish

My sweet and sour pork

Up front is sea witch's 3 cups chicken

All the dishes came with 3 side dishes, rice and soup

I think that out of all the time I've visited this place, I enjoyed these 3 side dishes the most as it was the only time I actually finished all 3 dishes. 

After dinner, we went to Coffee Bean for our scientific discussion. While Jas' topic was specialised, it was interesting to me as it was something new and very educational. It really brought us back to our uni days when we would study together with Tham. 

hahaha.....it was funny when I saw the girls' handwriting and thought to myself, "oh, how nostalgic!". 

Plus it was inspiring to see Jas work so hard on her assignment. It made me wanna push myself harder too as I've been really quite relaxed since my graduation. It's time to push myself to not to be stagnant and to take in various opportunities to learn something new e.g. new knowledge or a new skill or get a new certification.


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