Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lunch at Nakau (なか卯)

Walked past Nakau while shopping and spotted this! Was super tempted to get one as I was really craving for a salmon and ikura don!

Then I remembered the reason why I was looking for a restaurant in the first place, to hide from the cold. It was near the end of February and freezing cold!

So nope, I'd save that salmon don for another time and go for a hot dish this time.

I'm so glad that they serve hot green tea which is pretty rare as most places serve ice water even during winter.

I ordered the mini kitsune udon for 220yen as I wasn't very hungry.

Very good hot soup which really warmed up my body. Plus I really liked the udon noodles.

And, as it was 2pm (after lunch hour), the restaurant was I got to enjoy my udon slowly in peace. Otherwise, the restaurant would be packed with customers who are there for a quick lunch.

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