Friday, March 25, 2016

My own inkan

Prior to getting my own hanko, I have deliberated for quite some time if I truly need one, where to get one and which one to get!

I've surveyed online and there are many useful websites on hanko. I highly recommend these:

Thank goodness for their posts, if not I would've been super lost! So if anyone wants to know more about hanko, do check out the blog links above!

Well, despite all that reading, I could not purchase one online as I didn't have a credit card. Plus, I also didn't have a phone line or internet on my first night....I was extremely lost. But luckily S brought me to a はんこ屋さん21 ( near the place where I was living and we managed to get a 13mm inkan there. 

As my name will me in katakana, 12mm might be a bit small for official papers so the man at the shop suggested that I get a 13mm one instead. A slightly bigger one would be better as the only time I'd be using my inkan would be in the bank.

At first, I was thinking of using kanji, thinking that it might look pretty grand. But after S' help with checking with the banks, perhaps it is better to not sure kanji as it is not on my passport.

It's really convenient to go and get an inkan. I can collect mine the next day. For mine, it costs 5637yen. Felt that it was a bit pricey as I've never had to use anything like it before, we normally just sign our names and that's free of charge! Lol~

Nevertheless, I was really glad to get something on my list done!

As I was too much of a cheapo to buy a proper casing for my inkan at the store, I went to Daiso to get myself one. But I carelessly went and bought the 12mm case. I only reslised my mistake when the case wouldn't close! So that means that I would have to make another trip to Daiso to get a proper case.

Days after, I found out that I needed an inkan to sign my rental contract too! So yea, I couldn't be happier that I got that done!

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