Sunday, April 17, 2016

Asakusa dinner

I was supposed to meet up with Mish for dinner and night sakura. I went to Asakusa early as I was free that afternoon and wanted to pray at the temple first before meeting up with her.

On the way there, I spotted the Asakusa Tourist Centre and decided to head up for a view of the city from their free observatory.

You get a nice view of Skytree and the Nakamise from the open air observatory.

You can also dine at the restaurant at the observatory. New on their menu was these two bowl of eel and rice. I snapped this picture in the elavator just in case Mish and I had no idea where to grab dinner. Lol~

While there were still a few tourists around, it's the first time I've seen the Kaminarimon area that empty!

This could be because the shops at the nakamise have closed.

Making my way to the temple and realised that this was also the first time I do not see any smoke near this area.

I prayed and got an omikuji for myself. It says suekichi and while it is still kichi, I tied it up because I want things to get better soon.

This was on my omikuji. It says that any lost article would be difficult to retrieve and I soon found that this was indeed very true.

Found a little stall on the left that sells these cute looking sweet potato baked goods as I was exiting and was tempted to buy one.

For 240yen a piece, I felt that it was a bit expensive but Asakusa is a tourist area.

After one bite of the baked sweet potato, I knew why they charged that price! It was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS~!!!! You can really taste the yummy goodness of the sweet potato in it ~!!! I highly recommend this shop called Oimoyasan!

After that I met up with Mish and we went for dinner at this place near Asakusa that serves eel~!!! Lol~

We were walking past the shop and checking out the menu when 2 japanese walked out and told us that the food was good.

We both ordered the unameshi with extra eel. Sorry got the blur pic above.

Some of the condiments for the eel on the table~

Our set!

My dinner mate~


My eel rice bow. Luckily we added eel because it was a little tiny.

You can have the eel rice just as it is or have it with dashi soup~

This is soooo good on a cold night! And that dashi, super delicious~

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