Saturday, April 16, 2016

鳥千 (とりせん)

Dropped by 鳥千for a late lunch after visiting the bank with S. No free time for him as he had to call the gas, electric and water company for me during lunch. 

Chicken nanban set (890yen) that comes with rice and miso soup. 

Very juicy chicken matched with a very good nanban sauce! This goes really well with rice! 

Chicken karaage set (820yen)

Rice looks more here because it's oomori.

We ordered the set that came with 6 pieces of soy sauce flavoured fried chicken. Again very juicy and crunchy!

To thank him for all his help and the trouble that I've put him through, I treated him to lunch. It's not much. but it's my way of showing my appreciation.

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