Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chanabe, Shibuya

Is there no shop with no queue at Shibuya? hahaha....

Arrived at Chanabe, Shibuya Outlet at Shibuya Mark City, West Mall and while it's tea time, there's still a queue outside the restaurant.

As we already had brunch, we only ordered desserts.

Matcha chocolate fondue set

The matcha fondue was really good....thick and rich in flavour! A must try if you are a fan of matcha~

Saryo Parfait 
(Matcha Milk Pudding, warabi mochi, sweet potato sticks, Castella cakes, bran flakes, red bean, mochi dango and vanilla ice cream).
This was good too, I like how well the bran flakes went with the red bean and ice cream.

Matcha Mont Blanc Tart
The vanilla ice cream was super good! While I'm not a huge fan of vanilla ice cream, I really enjoyed this. While the Mont Blanc Tart itself is creamy and tasty, the bottom tart felt a bit dry on the throat. Hence, it was good to have the vanilla ice cream there! Plus it went really well with the tart.

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