Monday, April 18, 2016

Eating Japan - Bread series 1

For a country that eat a lot of rice, Japan's bread are really good! 

I like how fluffy they are and that they do not stick on to your teeth when you chew on them.

#1 Yamasaki is a very popular bread brand in Japan and they sell many varieties of bread. Spotted this one here with a Kumamon on it and that's very good marketing strategy! I got this because I Kumamon caught my attention before I saw the words "milk bun with caramel cream". And the bread is HUGEE~!!! It's almost the size of my keyboard! Really good on a day when you're super hungry!

#2 I love this mini red bean buns from Lawson. I first had them in 2013 in Okayama and I've been loving them since then! The texture of the bun was good and the red bean filling not too sweet! This makes for a really good snack!

#3 This is another series of mini buns from Lawson - mini chocolate cream buns.

Instead of red bean, it's has a chocolate custard filling. While this is good too, nothing can beat the red bean buns!

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