Sunday, April 24, 2016

Home-cooked gyoza (cheat)

Saw some pre-made gyoza on the freezer section and decided to try it. I bought the brand Nipponman. A pack came with 12 pieces of gyoza, a packed of sauce for the cooked gyoza and a packet of sauce for cooking the gyoza.

So first, I laid out all the gyoza on a hot pan with some oil and then poured in the packet of sauce for cooking the gyoza  in.

After several minutes, you get this nice "wings" at the bottom of the pan.

Before serving, I broke them up into individual portions.

And yes....SUCCESS!!! The perfect gyoza~ with a nice brown bottom and crunchy "wings"! :D

Besides looking amazing, it tastes super good too!!!

While I did not make them from scratch, I was still super proud that they came out looking soooo beautiful!

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