Thursday, April 21, 2016

Interesting first week with the kids

Day 1:
Kid A: You sound like how Singaporean speak English! Where are you from?

Kid B: You sound like the air stewardess from Cathay Pacific!

M: Why won't you eat your lunch?
Kid C: My mum accidentally packed my sister's lunch in my bag.
M: It's ok, just have it.....
Kid C: No...I'm not hungry!
M: Here's a snack!

M: blah blah blah
Kids: Teacher, Kid D has fallen asleep!
M: *looks over and thinks if my lesson is that boring* -_-!!!

Day 4:
Was trying to get the kids attention and I decided to raise my voice. I soon learn that my voice is not as loud as the kids and they cannot hear me. But I did tell them that they should listen to me when I speak and not make me raise my voice ever again. Not sure if the message got through to them though.

Bonus: my miso ramen from lunch a month ago with my colleagues. Look at how thick that soup is~!!! Best thing ever on a very cold day at work~!

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