Wednesday, April 6, 2016

King George

Joined Mish and her friends for brunch one weekend at 

A sandwich cafe bar located at Daikanyama.

We arrived at about 12pm and there's already a queue. It's not that bad as we get to sit down, chit-chat and check out the menu while waiting.

Plus there's a display of some of the shop's items for sale. 

The menu~

King George 1300yen, 
consists of oven baked turkey, provolone and rye bread.

The inside~ soooo stunning!

8th Avenue 1300yen,
which is peppered turkey/ marble cheese/ sesame bread

Daikanyama 1500yen,
consists of chicken and avocado cream dip

I tried both the King George and Daikanyama sandwich

I really like their thick cut bread as well as their sauces for the sandwiches. Plus the fact that they packed it with lots of veg makes me think that it's very healthy. But this is definitely one of the top few sandwiches that I have ever eaten!

While the sandwiches itself were good and I enjoyed them, I felt like I still needed to eat a bit more to fill my tummy. heehee....

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