Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Night sakura at Sumida River

After dinner, we headed to Sumida River where we got to see beautiful yozakura and got a great view of Skytree.

Loving this view.........

The trees were at their full-bloom state when we were there and there were so many people enjoying their hanami under the trees.

Look at the crowd! Wish I could join them too~!

We were trying to get artistic shots of the Skytree hahaha

Look at all that sakura~ and the train that just happened to be passing by as I snapped this.

Soooo pretty~!!!!

After that, we stopped by 711 for some ice cream. This is the Haagen-Dazs Crunchy Crunch Green Tea Cumble which is a limited edition offer.

Everything limited edition is always good.

One bite of that and yea, it was super delicious! hahaha......kinda reminds me of the green tea pocky. I'm gonna buy more Haagen Dazs limited edition ice cream from now on.

After that, as we were heading back, I realised that I had lost my Pasmo card. Just my luck as I had just topped up another 6000yen to it at the station. There's a total of about 7000yen in it. We tried retracing our steps to find it but to no avail. 

Remember my omikuji? Oh....how accurate it was! I only wished that other good parts of the omikuji were just as accurate.

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