Monday, April 11, 2016

Sakura at Meguro River

Met up with Mish on the 9th for hanami at Meguro River. The weather was cold and gloomy but that didn't stop us from going to the hanami. We met at Meguro station at 12.30pm and as one of Mish's friend was late, we went to grab lunch first at Hotel Abest, which served reasonably priced set lunches.

The salad, drinks, buns and rice were free flow. Here's my salad bowl as I try to be healthy! heehee....

Garlic bread and croissant. Those were the best garlic bread I've ever had in Japan!

The three of us ordered the same main, which was the salmon dish. While the girls seated on the table next to us had their with rice. We skipped the rice~

Definitely a very good meal and for just slightly more than 1000yen!

Next up was Meguro river which was the main purpose of our trip. The view was spectacular. It feels amazing every time a gust of wind releases a shower of petals called a hana fubuki (flower blown snow).

Look at the fully bloomed flowers up close!

When you looks up, it seems as if the sky was covered with sakura~

Even as you look down towards the river, you see sakura.

The crowd was huge on the day we were there as it was mankai~

I just love the view every single time I look up.'s one of Mish, YH and K busy snapping away.

The way the sakura tree branches hang down gives a sad feeling.....but maybe it's just how I'm feeling on the inside. Otherwise, with that many trees, it's definitely a good dating spot~

The sakura just goes on and on.....

There's light up too at night but I didn't get to see them.

After that, it was time for some ice cream~ We went to 31 (or better known as Baskin Robbins in Malaysia). I ordered 2 of their limited edition Spring menu - sakura and Rock 'n Pop swirl sherbet (470 yen). I love the sakura flavoured ice cream. 

That Rock 'n Pop swirl sherbet is a little weird for me. While I like the popping effect, I couldn't taste any distinctive difference in flavours between the green and purple portions. They were supposed to be green grape-flavored sherbet and purple green-apple flavored sherbet.

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