Friday, April 15, 2016

Temporary apartment

My temporary apartment when I arrive was this fully-furnished one room~

I like the fact that it is furnished with a kettle, proper desk and TV! I kinda miss the TV now that I don't have one in my own place~ Plus there's a bed! So I didn't have to sleep on the floor.

But a place of your own is of course much more comfortable because you get to customize things to things that you like.

Plus it came with hangers for when you do your laundry too as this apartment doesn't come with a balcony for laundry,

Then there's a mini cabinet with a  microwave on top.

The small little kitchen unit that came with a tiny fridge, an induction plate and there's a kettle too.

The view from the window~

From here, you can see that next to the kitchen unit, there is a huge closet and opposite that a shoe cabinet.

The mini toilet unit, but I'm thankful that it came with really good hot water!

While I've only stayed there for 17 days, thank you for taking care of me before I found my own place~

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