Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tokyo Midtown Yozakura

Was supposed to head to Ueno for night sakura but as it was already quite late in the evening, we decided to head to Roppongi instead as S called and found that they still had light ups even after 9pm.

The sakuras were stunning!!

I was super happy to see this view that even though it was drizzling, I wanted to go out for a walk.

I took this shot while I was doing a test shot to see if I should use flash to get a nice picture of myself with the sakura.

While I had a horrible model who couldn't keep his eyes open, I still managed to get a pretty decent shot.

But my photographer??? HORRIBLE TO THE MAX!!! Below are the 2 shots he took! 

Could it be any worse that these 2? Lesson learnt! The next time I want to go and get a nice picture of myself, I'm gonna find a better camera person!

Well, at least the yozakura were beautiful~

After the night sakura, we stopped by Dean & Deluca at Roppongi Midtown Galleria building, where I got this Gorgonzola cheese quiche (620yen) which I thought was really special because I've not tried this before. This was really good when it was warm but I guess because of the cheese......the taste gets really salty near the end.

My small strawberry juice (450yen)~ which was really good! S said "ahh...jyoshi da ne!" Honestly, this heng dai really forgets that I'm a girl most of the time.

S' chamomile lemon tea (420yen)

The store at Roppongi is really small with only a few seats in the store and a few more seats outside. But because of the area it is in, it was definitely a very "atas" supper!

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