Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Where I live, many people bike and within a week of moving into my own apartment, I wanted my own bike as I was so far from the station. Gave it some thought and decided to really get one a week later~

Got my baby Ao-kun on 20/03/16. 

26 inch wheels, with no gear adjustments.....but that's ok, as I'm not going to be using it up or down hills. Ao-kun has a 2 year insurance pack and is registered with a license (which costs only 500yen). Plus, a free check-up within 1-3 months from purchase.

I just want a bike that could help me move around a bit faster, help me with my shopping and on days when I didn't feel like walking.

Bought him from Aeon Bike. While it was one of the cheapest bikes for sale there, I couldn't be happier~! As I plan to use it for getting my groceries, I added a back basket to it.

Asked S to accompany me to get my bike as I wasn't sure if I could cycle my bike back to my apartment and it would be embarrassing if the shop staffs found out that I bought a bike without knowing how to ride on it. heehee.....

So here's one of my posing with Ao-kun on the day that I bought him.

My handsome Ao-kun parked below my apartment. heehee.....dashingly handsome isn't he?

I absolutely love my add-on basket as I used it sooo often for things that I buy. I usually place my hand bag in the front but for my groceries and other stuffs....I usually buy the amount that I think would fit in my basket.

Plus, Ao-kun also makes me feel safer and more comfortable on nights when I didn't want to walk back home alone. hahaha,,,,never thought that I'd be this happy to move on from a car to a bicycle.


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