Friday, May 13, 2016

Cat Cafe Nyanny at Akihabara

After dinner, S and I visited Cat Cafe Nyanny at Akihabara, which happened to be located above a rabbit cafe!!! <3

Address:  4-8-3 Sotokanda | 4F, Chiyoda 101-0021, Tokyo Prefecture

Prices differ depending on the days. We were there on a weekend and hence paid a little more. We paid 1200 yen each for an hour with the cats.

Near the end of our session was the cat's feeding time and look at them all crowd together~

Hahaha...the brown one in the front looks angry at S for disturbing his dinner.

Hello, you little fur ball~

The cats there are all super cute and chubby~!!

And these two here are my favourite because they allowed me to pet them continuously.

hehee.....soo greedy~

What are you looking at little one?

There's even a book there for visitors to leave a message and surprisingly there seemed to be more foreign visitors than Japanese.

Overall, it was an amazing and fun experience with the cats. Hopefully, I will get to visit a rabbit cafe in the near future.

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