Monday, May 23, 2016

Golden week BBQ day

Arrived back in Tokyo at 7 am via a night bus from Kanazawa, took the train, walked back home, showered and back to the station again in order to meet S at another station at 10.30am. Lol....I am super woman!

We then took a bus to Harumifuto Park from Kachidoki Station to attend a BBQ event.

We were there for about 3 hours. While others were busy making friends, hitting on the other sex, drinking or just chit-chatting, I was busy standing next to BBQ pit to wait for the food!

Even so, I didn't get to eat much as I'm just too slow. I never know when the meat is done and when it is, I'm too slow to grab more than a piece! Lol~

Overall, it was an interesting and fun event for me as I don't think I've used that much Japanese in a day since I came to Japan or spoke to so many different people in the same day.

After the event, we went up the Harumi passenger ship terminal to have a look and was surprised by the beautiful view of Odaiba!!!! Oh, and also a small view of the BBQ area~

I never knew how close we were to Odaiba till we went up the building.

Make for a nice spot for a great view of the surroundings~

After that, we went to Shibuya to attend a language event. 

My order of a mixed berry drink.

The event was ok. I felt as though people didn't want to talk to me due to my skin colour so that was kinda sad for me. People need to know that one should now judge another person's ability to speak English based on their skin colour!

For dinner, we went to this okonomiyaki place in Shibuya called 渋谷 こてがえし.

Address: 〒150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawacho, 25−4, ダッキープラザビル4F

We ordered the mix okonomiya for 1,328 yen, mix monjyayaki for 1,220 yen, oolong hai 486 yen and grape calpis.

We requested the waitress to do the cooking for us but here's me trying to flip the okonomiyaki! favourite thing to do!

Ta-da~ our completed okonomiyaki!

Here's what the monjya looks like before it was cooked It came with mochi~

And after it's cooked......hahaha, looks kinda unappetising, doesn't it?

Well, you are supposed to take a bit of it with your own tiny spatula, grill it to grill it some more before eating it.

Not too bad for my first monjyayaki experience. Would love to have it again~

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