Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gyosen Park & Zoo

Spotted a park with many kids and a huge slide which I really wanted to try. Not sure what got into S, but he suggested that we climb it too. I was super embarrassed as there were sooo many kids who where climbing this huge slide from the back too, either via the ladder or the stone steps. No surprise here, I took the ladder.

Totally regretted once I got up there because there were sooo many kids around me and I didn't know how I was going to slide down. Then down below the slide were more kids and their parents!!! Omg~ I didn't wanna look like an adult trying to fight for a spot on the slide with the kids. 

As I'm almost double the size of all the kids, I couldn't just slide down either as I would just hit on all the kids at the bottom of the slide. S suggested that we move to the side which he quickly managed to do so and got down. I, on the other hand.......

.....*looking lost and wondering why I did it*

*trying my best to move to the side but there were just too many kids around me*

In the end, I decided to just wait for the right moment where there's less kids at the bottom of the slide and slide down. Luckily, I did so.....because it was not beautiful. I'm not even sure if what I did could be considered sliding down gracefully as my entire body was on the ground when I reached the bottom.

Yea~ but it was fun while it lasted! Glad I did it!

After that, we went into the free zoo!

It was a super small zoo but I guess it's sufficient to keep the kids it's free, so I can't complain.

Meet the cool penguins~

Active monkeys~

Super huge tortoise~

Beautiful owl~

.....and many more which I didn't snap pictures of.

Overall, it was great while it lasted. 

Why not drop by on a day off and enjoy the beautiful park and zoo?

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