Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ikea, Tachikawa

First time at an Ikea in Tokyo.

When it comes to Ikea, other than furniture shopping, many people come for the food too.

As I just had curry rice for breakfast in the morning, I was still pretty full. Hence, I only ordered a tart and a medallion.

My butter scotch tart (399 yen) that was absolutely delicious. Wish I had could buy the entire tart home. If only, my return journey didn't take almost 2 hours. I was super worried that the tart might melt before I even reached home. Maybe I shall get a cooler bag and try to get one the next time.

This Medallion (100 yen) one here was recommended by Mish. It's just potatoes but super good. I'm tempted to try making this at home too.

My croissant (130 yen) because it looks too good to be passed.

This was actually Mish's dessert, but I had to take a pic of it because it looked yummy too~ :)

Always enjoy Ikea food. If only I wasn't so full, I would like to have some mains too. Maybe next time. Plus the 50yen ice cream soft serve was too good of a deal to let go~ heehee.....

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