Friday, May 20, 2016

Koishikawa Korakuen

Ume hunting!

Another post from back in March when I was trying to hunt down some ume flower~

I visited Koishikawa Korakuen.

There's an entrance fee of 300yen.

There's a plum garden there~

300yen is pretty cheap considering how big the garden is and there's so much to explore.

Want a picture in traditional costume? heehee....

I decided to explore the garden a bit before heading towards the plum garden.

You really have to visit this place personally to appreciate the beauty of it

Asked a nice ojiisan for help with this picture. He took about 5!!!

I really enjoyed the views~

After about 30mins, I finally arrived at the plum garden and while there were so many obaasan and ojiisan!

Some were drawing while other were with their camera~

There were also a few who were picnicking in the area.

The ume were soooo pretty!

I was really happy that I made the trip there for the flowers~

As the garden was really huge, I also managed to do a lot of thinking while walking around. I was pretty down at that time and the walk around the garden really helped improve my mood!

Over here are a bunch of photography enthusiasts trying to get a good picture of some beautiful birds by the river.

Such a serene view~

I felt jealous of the people who brought food because I too want to sit down at a bench and just enjoy my meal with this view~

Probably the next time! I will be back for other flowers in the future....

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