Monday, May 30, 2016

Onyasai, Tachikawa

Went for tabehoudai shabu-shabu at Onyasai. It costs 2980yen, which is a pretty good deal considering we get to choose from 6 different types of beef and pork.

There's a buffet drink selection too but we didn't get that as we figured that we couldn't drink that much. We each ordered a drink instead. This is my grapefruit juice for 280yen.

Our soup base - a yuzu salt broth and a spicy broth.

Interesting bowl to hold the meat so that the excess liquid can drip off before you dip it into your sauce to prevent the liquid from diluting your sauce.

Our first serving~ a platter of various vegetables and mushrooms, minced chicken and pork.

This is the beef

In the first round itself, we dumped everything that you see here into our pot! Lol....

quail eggs

A second order of mushrooms and veg

More pork~ <3

Ground sesame seeds! This went really well with the sesame sauce.

Interesting "italian kinoko sandwich"dish of cheese layered between 2 very thinly sliced kinoko mushrooms. To be boiled for 10 seconds in the hot pot to just melt the cheese~ Very interesting!

More minced chicken of various flavour. I think I enjoyed the green pesto one the most!

Many more rounds of veg, mushrooms and meat later, we got our desserts. One dessert per person!

I got the onyasai ice which is vanilla ice cream with black sugar syrup and kinako powder.
Super good~

Green tea sorbet

Monaka ice~

Overall, I really enjoyed the food here, especially the pork slices <3 Would definitely love to go back~!!!!

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