Thursday, May 12, 2016

Royal Host, Akihabara

Second dinner at Royal Host with S after our first mini one at the sushi shop.

I spotted this and was decided to get it in hopes that it will fill my tummy slightly while I wait for my dessert which was......


To my dismay, the Gratin onion soup (540yen) was really tiny. Just look at its size in comparison to the spoon.

And it definitely looks different from the picture in the menu......

While I was disappointed, luckily the taste wasn't too bad.

S's omurice which looked yummy and taste good too!

Finally, my dessert!!!! Strawberry brulee parfait (810yen) hehehe.....super happy that this turned out looking exactly like the picture in the menu.

Gotta have one picture with it too~!! :)

The creme brulee on top was amazing, the strawberries were sweet and the cream was light!!!

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