Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sailormoon Exhibition, Roppongi Hills

So happy that I finally got the chance to visit the Sailormoon exhibition at Roppongi Hills! I've been wanting to go ever since I found out about it!

We bought the 1,800yen tickets~ and here's ours whereby we got to choose which Sailormoon character want on our tickets!

Do check it out if you are a Sailormoon fan! The exhibition runs till 19/06/16!

At the exhibition area, you get an amazing view of Tokyo~!!!

I felt that this was the perfect place for the exhibition as Sailormoon's story is about Tokyo~

All the artwork at the exhibition were stunning!

There were also props from the stage show there~

The exhibition covers not only the anime, but the manga, drama and stage show.

There were also displays of old comics, merchandises and just the anime itself~

Just look at all the different merchandises~

I wish I have one of the pens~

Can't help but get exited to see some of the props, lol~

My favourite section of the exhibition would be the Sailormoon timeline and the manga area where by they displayed all the hand drawn comics and artwork! They were all absolutely stunning!!!

You also get to meet the Queen and King~

hahaha....I should've stood in the exact stance as Sailormoon!

A shot with Sailormor Mercury and Chibi Moon. The images look slightly different from the old anime because these are from the new Sailormoon Crystal.

And of course, one with Sailor Mars~

Another stunning artwork with Naoko Takeuchi's signature~

While it is kind of expensive, I felt that it was really worth it because there were so many things to see. I watched all the old anime series and hence felt natsukashii~

Plus if you are not interested in Sailormoon, you can still get a great view of the city!

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