Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sarabeth's, Lumine2, Shinjuku

Went for brunch with JH who was my uni mate at Sarabeth's.

Address: LUMINE2 SHINJUKU, 2nd Floor, 3-38-2, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

It was a weekday but it so happens that on that day we had an event and I start work only in the afternoon.

While I've been to Shinjuku before but with my bad sense of direction, I was late because I couldn't find where Lumine2 was, even with my google map!

But I did get there in the end and I didn't have to queue long because JH already queued up on behalf of me hahahaa......

We both ordered the same drink - Four Flower 620yen. This is a mixed juice made from four fruits - banana, orange, grenadine syrup, pineapple. While this has banana in it, I enjoyed the overall taste of the juice.

My order of Fat and fluffy french toast (1,450yen). Yummy~ I love the fluffy french toasts with peanut butter in the middle! And that went sooo well with the french toasts! 

We both shared a Buttermilk pancakes (1,250yen) for erm....desserts!!! LOL

It was my first time tasting a buttermilk pancake and it was delicious! Especially when you drizzle on the maple syrup!

JH's order of "Goldie Lox" (1,550yen) which consists of scrambled egg, smoked salmon and ricotta cheese. I tried a bit of it and it was delicious~

While short, it was definitely nice to catch up with old uni mates~!

If you plan to drop by Sarabeth's, it might be good to go early as the queue really builds up.

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