Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ushitenjin Kitano Shrine & Tokyo Dome City

Visited both Ushitenjin Kitano Shrine & Tokyo Dome City back in early March but didn't had the time to blog about them.

I actually came to look for ume but it seems I was too late~

They were almost all gone.

I decided to climb up anyways and it was the same.

Spotted a tree that looked like the shidare zakura.

But this is the version~

If only I was there when it was their full bloom period.

I'm sure the temple would have looked amazing.

Ushinotenjin Kitano is actually a very popular place for viewing ume or plum flowers in Tokyo.

The shrine~

After that, I walked to Tokyo Dome City to grab lunch~

The scary looking roller coaster~

One day, I shall be back to ride on some of their attractions!

Tokyo Dome just right in front. Hopefully, I'll get to catch a concert there too in the near future.

I settled for gindaco! There was a super long queue for it but it was worth it! The piping hot takoyaki were grilled to perfection and perfectly suited for a cold day!

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