Thursday, May 26, 2016

Yakiniku at Torishige (鳥繁)

Dinner at Torishige (鳥繁), Nishi-kasai

Chu-hai and appetiser

Their yakiniku menu

Our order of tebasaki or chicken wings

Quail eggs

Thigh meat with leeks

Leeks wrapped in meat

Love how juicy this is plus that daikon oroshi on top!! yummy~

Always love shitake~

Chicken with wasabi? the chicken is grilled slightly so that it remains raw in the middle. 

The master who grilled our food that night~

Chicken skin

With shiso leaves


Tamagoyaki~!!! <3

Overall, the food at this cozy little shop is good. Plus it's not that smoky inside due to the good ventilation fans. However, I thought that it was slightly expensive as the bill did come up to almost 7k yen for the 2 of us.

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