Sunday, June 5, 2016


The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, aka Akarenga, is a major tourist spot in Yokohama. The two buildings were constructed more than a century ago. It houses a range of cafes, restaurants and shops.

As it was near Easter when I visited, the centre area was beautifully decorated with flowers and bunnies.

Heehee, the bunnies were all sooo cute, I couldn't help myself!

There were many families out there taking pictures too~

Hello there~

Seeing all these bunnies here was really a pleasant surprise.

I felt like a small kid somehow~

But the bunnies were really all very tastefully decorated.

Inside the Akarenga, there are many interesting restaurants. I will probably be back to try one of the restaurants and to buy some of the many souvenirs that they sell there! There were seriously sooo many food stuffs that could be bought as souvenirs!

After that, it was time to go back and along the way to the station, I spotted a ferris wheel.

The view looks really calming....

Not sure why, but suddenly I was reminded of Singapore...

This here is the Yokohama landmark tower with an observation deck. I will definitely want to be back to visit the place!

Some of the food stuffs I bought on this trip to Yokohama:

A pear jam from Yamagata (380yen).

It's the first time I've tried a pear jam and I really like it. It's not too sweet and goes really well with my morning pancakes!

This one here was introduced by ST san, Mugi covered in chocolate (240yen). Apparently this is a very popular snack during the Showa period. At the time of my visit, Union at Motomachi was having a Showa food fair, and I bought this from there.

This here was also introduced by ST san - Lotus Biscoff!
No regrets buying this as this tastes really good and makes for a good accompaniment to my tea. Love the cinnamon smell of the cookies~

The good thing about shopping at Motomachi is that you can find a lot of imported products that you cannot find elsewhere.

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