Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Asian Palm at Kagurazaka & Urasando Garden at Omotesando

Asian Palm Kagurazaka
Address: 〒162-0833 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Tansumachi, 13, グローバル 新 神楽坂 ビル 1F

For lunch, we went to a thai and indian restaurant that serves lunch buffet at 1000yen for 90mins per session. 

While there's not much choices for the buffet, the food served was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the thai glass noodle salad and the freshly made nan. Dip the nan into one of the three curries available on the day I was there and ahhh~ natsukashii no aji!

It's funny how flour can make 3 Malaysian girls and 1 Japanese guy so happy!

Urasando Garden
Address: 4-15-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo

We went for tea at Ujien, Urasando Garden which was newly opened on 02/03/16. Mish and I opted for their matcha ice cream which was super kao and came with 2 different nama choco- matcha and hoijicha~

R and H opted for the matcha set which also came with 2 pieces of nama choco~

Love how they served it in a way that you get to do it youself~

A group picture~

Ura actually means back as opposed to Omote which means front

While there, we saw many others enjoying various wines~

Definitely an interesting place to check out because this old house currently houses 7 different shops.

Whether you fancy tea or alcohol or just wanna check out a new place to chill in Tokyo, this is a pretty interesting place.

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