Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cheese tart at Motomachi

Met up with ST san in Yokohama one weekend where we went on a food escaped all around Yokohama. 

First off was this cute little cafe at Motomachi which is famous for their pastries.

Here's the shop information:
横浜市中区元町5-209 北村ビル102 
TEL 045-305-6802 FAX 045-305-6803 

We both ordered their cheese tart set which came with either coffee or tea~ The cheese tart was really delicious. Especially the centre portion which was toro-toro!!!! <3

I opted for the tea~ I can't remember what but I think it was Darjeeling and it went really well with my cheese tart.

The Motomachi shopping street, which runs parallel to the Nakamura River, first served the needs of the first foreign residents of Yokohama. The street has an European feel to it. There is a large number of high end clothing shops and cafes. On weekends, it is pedestrian only.

On the day that we met, it was super windy! As you can see from this image here....the patterns the wind is making on the surface of the sea water.

Early in the morning, just as I left home, my umbrella flipped due to the strong wind! Plus every single step against the wind was difficult. When the wind was blowing sideways, it kept blowing the feet that was off the ground to the other feet LOL~

Well, as I told ST san, I'm a tourist here, so I need to have a picture of myself with the cruise ship!

One day, I shall travel on a cruise ship around Japan~!!!

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