Sunday, June 12, 2016

Eating Japan - Instant ramen series 1

1. Topvalu kitsune udon

Truthfully, I bought this because it was one of the cheapest instant noodle available on the day I bought it! hahaha......but it turned out to be really good. So good that I've bought it twice now. I like the texture of their smooth and flat udon, which went extremely well with the kitsune~ I also like the fact the the broth was not salty and of a light flavour, so that I get to enjoy the flavour of the kitsune.

2. Topvalu Shoyu Ramen

Bought this because this was one of the promoted ramen when I was grocery shopping one day and no regrets because it was yummy~ The noodles had a nice texture to them and I like that the soup wasn't too salty.

3. Ippei-chan yakisoba

I've seen this on various youtubers' channels before and have always been interested to try it. This came with three different packages inside: yakisoba sauce, furikake and mayonnaise.

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