Sunday, June 19, 2016

Eating Japan -Snack series 1

1. Almonds

Love the taste of unsalted roasted almonds. I would always buy some when I spot them in the supermarket but they're always soooo expensive!

2. AEON assorted fruits candy

This was surprisingly really good hard candy! The different fruit flavours are pretty distinct and you can easily tell them apart.

3. Bourbon Alfort

This makes a great snack for when I'm hungry and in need of energy. The chocolate is really smooth and goes well with the biscuit.

4. Bourbon Mini Green tea cakes

The chocolate coating helps to keep the cake moist and again, another convenient snack to bring around.

5. Matsuya Cider

Was curious about this carbonated drink and it turned out to be pretty good. There was a hint of plum flavour in it and this makes really good sherbet.

6. Morinaga Milk

I never drink milk. I only bought this to make pancakes but because there's leftover and I didn't want to waste anything, I decided to give it a try. Took a sip of it and was surprised to find that there wasn't any of that stinky milk scent which I hate and no weird taste that you usually get in milk. So I'm now convinced that I can drink milk sold in Japan!

7. Tarami peach jelly

Always enjoy fruit jelly from this brand. Perfect for an after dinner snack. 

Look at all the fruit pieces!

8. Healthy club blueberry plus anthocyanin wafers

I gotta admit that the brand was what attracted me first. Who doesn't like a healthy snack? it's really delicious.

9. Healthy club high cacao plus calcium and iron wafers

I bought this thinking that it was dark chocolate wafers. It was only until I opened the package did I realise that it was coffee. Oh least I still get some calcium and iron from this.

heehee....highly recommend their products!

10. Kasugai throat candy

Wanted some throat candy and spotted this herbed candy! While the taste was good, I didn't like the fact that it wasn't a hard candy.

11. AEON Plum flavoured potato chips

Bought this to try because I've never tried plum flavoured chips before and it was definitely interesting as there's a hint of sourness to the chips. Can't wait to try more interesting flavours.

12. Itoen vegetable drink

Itoen is very famous for their health drinks and I've always enjoyed them. Bought this one day when I felt like I wasn't eating healthily for the past few days. There was a very strong tomato taste to this drink. I definitely prefer their fruit juices more.

13. Kirin Sparkling Honey Lemon

Love this drink. Other than the fact that it comes in a super cute bottle. The drink was super refreshing and I like that it is carbonated! Would definitely buy this again~

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