Friday, June 24, 2016

Golden week trip to Kanazawa

My Golden week trip to Kanazawa with Mish. Mish told me that she was going to Kanazawa to catch a concert during the Golden week and I decided to tag along.

First, a shot before we boarded the bus at Tokyo station. We took the Orion bus which departed at 11.30pm. Our tickets cost 7,000 yen each.

The bus was comfortable as they had the heater turned on. The chair could be inclined. Room slippers, blanket and pillow were provided. You could even charge your phone as there was a socket at the side. The bus stopped at designated stops several times throughout the night. Overall, the ride was comfy and I managed to get some sleep.

My late night snack at Tokyo station - Hokkaido Milk pie. I was feeling hungry and there's not many option left as it was already late at night. Hence, I decided to head to McDonald's instead.

It was the first time I tasted the milk pie and surprisingly, it was good. I enjoyed the pic crust with the slightly custard-textured milk centre. Plus the warm pie made a great late night snack on a cold night.

We arrived at Kanazawa station at 8.30am in the morning, headed to Khaosan to drop off our bags and went to grab breakfast.

Highly recommended by Mish was this shop with a highly unusual name "世界で2番目においしい焼きたてメロンパンアイス"/"Sekai de Nibanme ni Oishii Yakitate Meron Pan Aisu no Omise", translates as “The World’s Second-Most Delicious Melon Bread, with Ice Cream, Bakery,” with the surprisingly specific humility being out of respect to the baker the owner did his apprenticeship under.

We went to their shop in Tatemachi which opens at 10am.

They're known for their vanilla ice melon pan. We opted for the Ham Salada Melon Pan as we were both hungry and needed breakfast! This item came highly recommended by Mish~

Look at the number of celebrities who have tried it!

Lol~ Mish delivering the melon pan to me~

Look at this beauty~!!!! <3

It was definitely the best melon pan I've ever had. No doubt about it! I want more~!!!

The melon pan's crust was crunchy and the inside super fluffy. The sauces that they use for the ham and salad was amazing as well and that cheese on top!!! <3

Would definitely revisit and also check out their franchise here in Shibuya (TOKYO渋谷公園通り店(渋谷区) 〒150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南1-15-9岩瀬ビル 営業時間 11時~22時).

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