Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kanazawa Myoryuji Temple & Kaitenzushi Okura

After breakfast, we walked to Myoryuji Temple, as I have made an appointment for us to have a tour.

Myoryuji Temple (妙立寺, Myōryūji)
Address: 1-2-12 Nomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture 921-8031

Myoryuji Temple, commonly known as Ninjadera, was built by the Maeda lords, rulers over the region during the Edo Period. There is actually no association with ninja. The temple earned its nickname because of its many deceptive defences. 

 The temple's included traps, hidden tunnels, secret rooms, and staircases. A guided tour (reservations required) in Japanese which costs 1 000 yen is available.

While we were not allowed to take any photos, the tour was interesting and I recommend it to whoever could understand japanese. It was definitely interesting to see all the traps, rooms, etc. Even if you do not understand japanese, there are guidebooks in english which you could request for.

Usually in Japan, we don't usually feel discriminated as we are of the same skin colour. But at the temple, we sort of felt discriminated by the staffs there. We were queuing up to enter and after I told the staff my name, she immediately shoved me to the side without even telling me why. I didn't like that as I would like to get a front row seat (as I'm pretty up front in the queue). We later found out that it's because we were both foreigners and might not understand japanese. I assured the staffs that we both can understand japanese and we already have our money ready for goodness sake! 

But I guess, they didn't think we could understand any japanese because after the introduction when we were to be separated into groups, we weren't called for but just ended up in the last group in the hall. Oh well, I guess it can't be helped as they probably get many non-japanese speaking tourists in a day. Doing so would probably help save them the time and hassle.

After that we headed to Omicho market for sushi at this restaurant called Kaitenzushi Okura (かいてん寿し 大倉), that was again highly recommended by Mish.

As the queue was long, I explored the market while Mish queued. Arigatou~

I like how close the seats were to the sushi chefs.

I ordered the asari miso soup which was supposed to be super delicious and it was!!! It's the best miso soup I've ever had! There was a prawn head in it, seaweed and lots of asari!

I really ate a lot for lunch here~

My order of salmon sushi


Salmon belly


A plate reccommended by Mish


Ikura hahaa, there wasn't enough space on the counter, so I had to put them together on the same plate.

8 dishes in total and the damage was.......2,808 yen!!! Definitely the most expensive kaiten sushi I've had in Japan~!!!! But it was super delicious~ so no regrets!

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