Monday, June 13, 2016

Thermos set

Invested on 2 Thermos products when I first started working.

One of them is this Thermos lunch box set which came with a flask for rice, a pair of chopsticks and another 2 containers for my side dishes.

Everything could be stored in this little bag here.

While it is meant to be used as a set like these for days when you bring your lunch with you to work..... far, I have only used this set here. All I do is microwave my food in the morning before I leave the house, store the food in the white container, which I later place in the black container which is meant to help keep the food warm. Then I place it inside another smaller thermal bag that I have.

While it is an expensive purchase, I have no regrets because it really keep my lunch warm! I'm always thankful to have a warm lunch after a busy morning. Plus it comes with a pair of handy chopsticks with it's own case, so I don't have to buy a separate one.

So far, I've used it for both pasta and rice and the Thermos container does a great job!

The second purchase was this Thermos bottle.

While it is a small size, it is pretty light and fits just nicely in my handbag!

Perfect for days when I need to bring warm water to work and again, it does a great job of keeping your water warm for up to more than 12 hours!

It was also a plus point that it came in such a pretty pink colour~ hahaha.... :D

My two must haves especially since I have to bring my lunch to work with me everyday.

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