Thursday, June 9, 2016


This was from my first visit to Tsukiji back in April~

A 水神社 at Tsukiji market 

As I was there at about 11am, naturally all the super famous sushi shops in the area were fully packed and had long queues outside that would probably last for 2 hours or more!

We decided to settle for this shop near the outer market that served a special kind of maguro called kindai maguro.

This is a special kind of pacific blue fin tuna that was cultivated by Kinki University's Fisheries Laboratory, Wakayama Prefecture.

Other than that, they also served many different type of don.

I opted for the kiwami-don which consisted of medium fatty tuna, tuna, sea urchin, salmon roe, shrimp, chopped fatty tuna, scallop, salon, squid, white fish and crab flake for 2,280yen before tax. Needless to say, everything was super fresh and sweet. I especially enjoyed the scallop, ikura and shrimp. Omg~ that shrimp was just soooo sweet and juicy!!! The only down side was that they didn't serve fresh wasabi :( 

I would probably look a for a shop that serves fresh wasabi in the future, but this dish here looks pretty interesting. 12 different types of seafood and 3 different ways of enjoying it!

So you can enjoy the dish as it is, add some toppings or eat it as ochazuke.

After that, we went for some grilled scallops. There were various options and I went for the one that was topped with uni or sea urchin. Omg, the umami-ness, if that is even a legit word! The scallop was super juicy and went well with the uni!

It was difficult to snap a nice picture when you're holding onto your hot freshly grilled scallop with one hand and your camera phone on the other.

I also went shopping around Tsukiji market for some seafood items. Here's what I got: A pack of dried shrimps and seaweed for my miso soup;  a pack of anchovies with konbu and another pack of anchovies with walnut to be eaten with rice; grilled scallop frill and a pack of dried fish that were supposed to be beer snack but I'm just gonna have them as my after dinner snack; and lastly, a pack of almond!

A close up of the dried fish snack. If you enjoy a salty snack, you will like this.

This anchovies with walnut is really good as a side dish to your rice.

Another yummy snack, I really enjoy the chewy texture. 

Anchovies with konbu.....the anchovies here is a lot bigger and I feel like I enjoy the one with the walnut one a lot better.

Overall, I'm happy with the food that I had at the market and my purchases. I would totally make another trip back for some sushi and buy some almonds or seaweed snack.

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