Wednesday, July 20, 2016

スペインバル バル Akihabara

Met up with H san and Mish for dinner after work on a Friday night at スペインバル バル at Chomp Chomp Akihabara.

No, the beer is not mine, I ordered an orange juice. heehee....

Apparently their osusume menu changes every month and when we were there, it was this~

This is the fish and paprika ahijo (780 yen). A first for me and absolutely delicious~!!! :D Though we're not sure why they only gave us one baguette when there were 3 of us!

This here is the korean-inspired pizza with gochujang mayo (780 yen). Interesting flavours and while we did not taste the gochujang, it was delicious!

Their no.1 dish - seafood paella (980 yen). This was ok, not as great as I imagined it to be~

Prawn and broccoli ahijo (680 yen). This time we requested for additional baguettes!

Braised beef tendon (680 yen). Another first for me....while the flavours were interesting and good, I didn't really enjoy the texture of the dish.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience for me....first time having tapas~ Next time, I'll probably make a reservation first as I didn't enjoy sitting on high chairs. 

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