Saturday, July 16, 2016

Izumi sushi Shibuya (和泉寿司)

Huge thanks to T san who treated me to dinner at this amazing sushi restaurant in Shibuya called Izumi sushi (和泉寿司).

This was my first time at a fancy japanese restaurant in Japan.

First up was the dashimaki which was super food with the radish~!!! <3

Squid with giner, another delicious dish~

Grilled anago to be eaten with salt as recommended by T san and it was yummy~

My izumi sushi~ definitely one of the best I've had! Everything was fresh and delicious, to a point that the tuna almost tasted sweet!! Wish I could have more~ 

Grilled cod~ which was super juicy and melts in your mouth~

Grille fatty salmon which totally melts in your mouth again!

So happy to see them again and have dinner together. It's been a long time since our last meal together in January~

They were super nice~ and even walked me to the station after dinner.

Honestly, I'm super thankful to all the kind people that I have met and helped me out in Japan. I really couldn't thank everyone enough. :)

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