Monday, July 4, 2016

Khaosan Kanazawa Family Hostel (カオサン金沢ファミリーホステル)

For our trip, we stayed at Khaosan Kanazawa Family Hostel (カオサン金沢ファミリーホステル) which was about 10 mins walk from Kanazawa station.

For the first night, I shared a triple room with Mish, which costed 14,100 yen.

The room was nice and clean. As there was only 2 of us, we both slept on the floor. There's a shared shower room which I thought was pretty clean and came fully equipped with all the amenities. There's even a hair dryer in the shower room. For the toilets, there were clean too, if not dirtied by others who stayed at the hostel.

For my second night, I booked a single room for myself which I paid for 3,750 yen. This room was relatively cheap compared to the triple room, I'm not sure if the triple room costed more because of the Golden week holidays.

While the single room was really tiny, I like that I get my own private little space and it was really cozy.

I would stay at this hostel again if I were to travel to Kanazawa again with friends. I like the fact that it is clean and not noisy at night.

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