Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sabrina Cafe & Terrace and SHIROKU at Kanazawa Forus

We went to Kanazawa Forus (金沢フォーラス) Sabrina Cafe & Terrace (サブリナ カフェ&テラス).

Homemade lemonade (486 yen)

Berry Ice Tea (518 yen)

It was nice to just sit down to rest our feet and our throats after a long and tiring day~

For dinner, we went to SHIROKU(シロク), also in Kanazawa Forus. This shop had a relatively long queue but we didn't mind waiting because the food looks really good and ochazuke is like a comfort food~!

This is Mish's Unagi rice set.

My assorted seafood (海鮮おひつごはん/ kaisen ohitsu gohan) rice set (1, 058 yen)! Really good~!!! The seafood was fresh~ and I like the fact that I get to enjoy this meal in 3 different ways.

First, just the dish by itself. Second, add in the condiments and enjoy the dish with the condiments. Lastly, add in the dashi soup to enjoy the dish warm~! Soooo....good! My fav~

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