Friday, July 8, 2016

Second day in Kanazawa

Kanazawa station is really pretty. The station itself is a tourist spot. 

This here is the Tsuzumi gate, whose design was based on the traditional japanese hand drums (tsuzumi).

And this fountain here has got to be the smartest fountain I've seen because it can spell and tell you the time!

Then this huge dome area behind that gate that links to the station is called the Omotenashi dome. 

Almost every single tourist could be seen taking pictures of the tsuzumi gate, including myself!

On this day, Mish had a concert to catch, leaving me behind. So I went shopping around by myself as I wait for her concert to end.

Dinner that night was at 生麺工房鎌倉パスタ-Saint Marc Holdings, Kanazawa Forus.

We opted for the set that came with a drink, salad and pasta, which costs 1,290 yen each.

My hot lemon drink for my very sore throat~

The salad~

Our order of bacon carbonara pasta. Initially, there was an egg yolk on top. But I only remembered to snap a pic after I had mixed the pasta! Lol

This is the spinach and squid cream sauce pasta.

Truthfully, as we were in such a rush, we couldn't properly enjoy the meal. I guess if we had more time, we would've gone for the buffet option whereby we get free flow of freshly baked bread which I suppose was pretty good as the girls at the table behind us went for seconds, thirds and many more rounds.

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