Saturday, July 30, 2016

Szechuan hotpot

Went for dinner with my colleagues after work one night and we went to this Chinese restaurant near a collegue's house which served Szechuan hotpot.

We ordered the half and half version with the spicy mala soup on one side and a herbal soup on the other side. So we ordered a bunch of veg, mushrooms, dumplings and meat for our steamboat which I totally forgot to take picture of.

We also ordered some "pei dan" hahahaa....I didn't expect that I would be eating this in Japan! At least it tasted good!

Then as my colleagues love spicy food, we also ordered this spicy fried chicken dish which was TOO SPICY for me!

Overall, I felt that the food was just ok. While it's not bad, it's probably one of the worst that I've had in Japan. Also, I suffered stomach pains after this meal so I'm definitely never returning to this place ever again! I usually have this problem when the food is super spicy!

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