Thursday, July 28, 2016

鳥元 上野浅草口店 (Torigen Ueno Asakusa Guchiten)

Had dinner at 鳥元 上野浅草口店 (Torigen Ueno Asakusa Guchiten) with my friends after work and here are the items that we ordered.


Grilled chicken skewers, the chicken and leek one was super good

Nankotsu or chicken cartilage which was surprisingly really good!

Motsu which I dare not touch

House-made tsukune which was yummy~

Fried chicken bones! No kidding, they're really fried chicken bones! This was interesting for me because there's nothing much for you to eat in this dish except for the fried batter. But I guess this is a good accompaniment to beer as it's crunchy and salty.

As with most restaurants that you go to in Japan, the food is usually good. While I enjoyed the food, I didn't like the fact that the restaurant was filled with cigarette smell! 

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