Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dinner at Sushi Zanmai, Shibuya East Exit branch

So happy to be getting tea as present! And what a lovely box set!!! Davids Tea~

There are 16 kinds of tea in this box and I can't wait to try them! But first, I need to visit Daiso to get some tea bags~

Look how beautiful they are~!!! And they smelled amazing too! :D

For dinner, we went to Sushi Zanmai, near Shibuya station's east exit.

Website for the specific shop:

The maguro-zanmai (まぐろざんまい ) at 3,240 yen. I had a piece of the fatty tuna and it was delicious~!!!! 

The tokusen sushi zanmai (特選すしざんまい) at 3,240 yen.

I had the ikura, uni, ebi and tamago which were all yummy~

Tsuiji mori (築地盛) at 4,300 yen? I hope this price is correct as I can't remember how much this costs. Had a piece of everything on this platter and they were all fresh~ So happy that everything was yummy, including the huge bowl of miso soup that came with each platter.

Some pictures of our adventures from the day~ We visited Brown at the Line cafe.

We also stopped by to see Hachiko~ with his new friend.

We also stopped by Tokyo Daijingu~ to pray for love.

Hopefully Steph and her bro enjoyed their trip to Tokyo because I definitely enjoyed spending my time with them especially when we've not met each other in such a long time!

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